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Ref Name Sex Age Grade Education status Sponsored
481 EyerusalemHadushFemale20College - ChoreographyEupen, BelgiumNo
480 EphremHailuMale27Theological College 5/5Mekelle-Promoted
479 BethlehamHaleleoulFemale17P-12AA Promoted
478 MahletHaleleoulFemale21College BSc Nurse 2/3AA Promoted
477 AaronAbrahamMale7P-1Mekele-Promoted
475 TeodrusGebremichaelMale19P-12Mekelle Promoted
474 NegasiBahreMale168Mekelle-no news
473 HabenBerihuMale125 CorrespondenceMekelle
472 AkberetTesfayFemale157-CorrespondenceMekelle
468 AbebuTsgawFemale20Sheba Dip Acct 1/3Mekelle
466 RahelBerihuFemale19Microlink Dip IT 1/3Mekelle-Promoted
465 MillionKindeyaFemale20Sheba Dip IT 1/3Mekelle-Promoted
464 YaredTekesteMale15P-10Mekelle-Promoted
463 RigiatTeameFemale21P-9Mekelle-Promoted
462 GenetSbhatFemale18P-11Mekelle GPA 2.124
461 HelenGebreezgiFemale18P-12Mekelle-Promoted
460 AshenafiTesfamariamMale24P-10Mekelle
459 KibromTesfayMale18Dip Bio-Tech 2/3Debre Markos
458 GoytomGebregziabherMale22P-10Mekelle-Promoted
454 HaftuTsegayMale22BSc Econ 1/4Mekelle-Promoted
453 YonasBirhaneMale17P-8Mekelle-Promoted
452 SimonAkaliluMale10P-3Mekelle-Promoted
451 HaftomGetachewMale20College Elect 2/3Mekelle-Promoted
450 KokobGetachewMale17Sheba Dip Auto 1/3Mekelle
449 YeabsraG/MedhinMale16P-5Mekelle-Promoted
448 DanielTadelleMale15P-9Mekelle-Promoted
445 MerhawitHailuFemale13P-7Mekelle-Promoted
444 NolawiAssefaMale17P-11Mekelle GPA 2.9
442 TarikuRedaeMale23BSc Engr 5/5Mekelle-Promoted
441 Samuel (Eto)BarakiMale12P-5Mekelle-Promoted
440 AmanuelKahsayMale20Dip Theatre DirectingMekelle-Graduated
439 WintanaFissehayeFemale23Dip Health OffrMekelle-Graduated
438 TekesteHailuMale20BSc Mech Engr 2/5Bahir Dar Promoted
437 EfremHailuMale22BSc EconMekelle-Graduated
435 GidenaEtsanaMale14P-7Mekelle-Promoted

Records 1 to 35 of 154. | More


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